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Bridging the
Expectations Gap.

Confidant Partners is a strategic communications advisory firm fully focused on the dilemmas and needs of board members, executives and directors.

Personal and Independent Counsel

Confidant Partners is a strategic communications advisory firm fully focused on the dilemmas and needs of board members, executives and directors. Dilemmas fuelled by expectations and obligations in society that are constantly changing.

We believe in the power of bold personal counsel. And of independent thinking in a world of popular opinions. We commit to you, your teams and your advisors.

You appreciate frank and fresh points of view, aware of your business reality. Always conscious of the interests of all stakeholders. And of your personal exposure.

We value the balance between personal dedication and unbiased distance in our client relationships. You want us to challenge. We simplify issues at hand to their exact essence, paint the various scenarios, and offer you the best options – and if necessary find new ones. Different options based on unparalleled insight and experience, as well as their consequences and how to address them.

We are Confidant Partners.
Trust us with what concerns you.

Bridging the Expectations Gap

The expectations of society in all its factions and appearances present companies and their boards with extraordinary challenges. Expectations and obligations that are constantly changing, as well as conflicting interests – causing a gap and misunderstanding between a company and the society in which it operates.

Leadership is required in bridging this expectations gap.

Confidant Partners helps to match business reality and achievable ambitions of the company with different expectations and interests of all involved. From shareholders to neighbours. From employees to authorities. From customers to media.

‘The Challenge’:

How can I as leader ensure our company’s growth, build resilience against the most complex threats, whilst aligning the ever-changing societal expectations with our ability to deliver?

We put this challenge at the very centre of our counsel. Because it is our sole goal to help leaders cracking the dilemma. And our belief that if they succeed it improves companies and society.

Our Team

The trusted advisors of Confidant Partners are distinguished by their personal and independent approach. The team provides unparalleled insight and experience, is business savvy and delivers.

The founders of Confidant Partners are known for their involvement in the most impactful, complex and business-critical cases of the past decade. Together with their team of hand-picked, best-in-class professionals, Confidant Partners focuses on the needs and challenges of the boards of national and multinational companies.

Our independence and long-standing relationships provide access to a network of partnerships with the leading communication firms in international markets. It ensures the ability to work with the most relevant parties in the world’s financial capitals, the EU institutions in Brussels, key European markets and the US.

Jeroen van Seeters, Sabine Post-de Jong and Frans van der Grint, are the founding partners of the firm.

Our offer


Our counsel is focused on the business areas of companies and challenges of today: growth, resilience and societal expectations.

Growth & Transformation

Board Dynamics
Strategy Review
Capital Markets Day


Defence / Hostile Bid
Stakeholder Activism
Crisis and Issues

Societal Expectations

Company Intent & Perspective
Political Views
Culture and Change
Board Dynamics and Leadership
Consumer, Interest Groups & Media Pressure

‘Only decisions that are accepted, create value’


Crisp, concise coaching advice can help teams and individuals in leadership positions deal with the choices and challenges they face. Often business critical. And always personal.

Personal counsel and coaching blend. The one cannot really do without the other, we at Confidant Partners strongly believe. And yet, effective coaching requires different skills, different approaches. Confidant Partners coach. Implicit or explicit, when coaching fulfils a direct and identified need. We discover patterns. Confront dynamics. Uncover motives. To improve effectiveness, joy and self-awareness of leaders. And their teams. And your ability to connect with the interests of all stakeholders involved.


We intend to give. When we started Confidant Partners, from the start, we carved out time to give to others.

We are committed to pro bono assignments that matter to society and to us. We collaborate with other disciplines and professionals in our business to develop original thought, ideas and propositions.

We intend to contribute to the development of the art and science of communications in its importance to successful leaders. As well as its meaning and potential to address the gap between business and society in all its appearances. With an ambition to contribute to a solution.


A close friend or associate to whom secrets are confided or with whom private matters and problems are discussed and entrusted.

First known use 1646, in the meaning defined above. The word Confidant is borrowed from the French confident, borrowed from the Italian confidente. Noun derivative of confidente “trusting, having trust in,” borrowed from the Latin confīdent-, confīdens, present participle of confīdere “to put one’s trust in, have confidence in”.

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For a personal meeting with our partners, please contact the firm’s assistant Linda Heil.

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